January 12th, 2019 by

We are the preferred movers for Windsor Cottage, a furniture consignment store, in Grand Rapids. We moved a tremendous amount of furniture for them in 2018 and have earned the trust of many families in the area because of it. We moved a load of furniture from their two locations  (Thornapple and Cherry) to a beautiful mansion in the Heritage Hill area in December and they were so impressed they requested us to move a very important addition to their new home………a chandelier valued at over $30k when it was brand new.

Windsor Cottage introduced us to a Cascade furniture store they work with called Portobello Road. They sell new furniture but were consigning this chandelier for one of their clients as a favor. Rick Santamaria who owns Windsor Cottage suggested this signature crystal chandelier that is 5 ft tall and 3 ft wide and we estimate weighs about 150-175 lbs for their dining room.  They loved it and made arrangements for the transfer to their home.


In preparations we made two separate trips to Portobello for measurements and assessments, built a 6 ft tall, 4 ft wide crate-like structure with casters for transport and created a 7 ft lift bar with handles to navigate movement and installation. We brought a large bag along to wrap it for protection in case any pieces fell off during transport and to protect it from weather and other exterior threats. We then used foam and air bubbles to pad and protect it.  Our plan worked flawlessly.  We had a few challenges during installation but worked closely with their contracted electricians from DeWeerd and VanDyke Electrical and Plumbing to problem solve and overcome. The customers were ecstatic with the results and impressed with how calm we all were in the process of this project. Check out the pics of this move and look for this mansion to be included in the Annual Heritage Hill Home Tour 2019 coming in May 2019.