Estate Shipping

February 25th, 2019 by

We launched a new location in Kentwood right across the street from Chick-fil-a on M6 and Kalamazoo and we made some adjustments in our stores to give this one some time to grow and develop. So in the meantime we are running all of our large shipments and freight from this location. We have been connecting with a few Estate sale companies that host online auctions and then need to have items shipped around the country and even around the world on occasion. What we often will do is travel out to the estate location and transport these items back to our store where we can properly wrap them for shipment. The items range from paintings, to dishes, to silverware, knick knacks, china, books and all kinds of other household items. We carefully transport them in various containers that we bring along for the purpose of taking them back to our facilities and then often package them in completely different containers and boxes to be shipped to the different customers. We had a huge pickup the other day that filled our Kentwood store and we have been working through all the different shipments and shipping these items out this past week.